City Market Concerts in Kansas City

The City Market in Kansas City is more than a market – its the best outdoor concert venue in town. The market is laid out in a Roman style – perimeter buildings enclosing a large, open courtyard which operates as a market during the day and on occasion, is an evening gathering place for musical events. Claude Page, who oversees the market for the City recently sent me this photo of the market packed with music fans. Most concerts are gated with a portion of the revenue going towards market operations. The market also hosts other events – car shows and sales for instance, when the sheds are not operating at full tilt with farmers.
Recent discussions concern the addition of a streetcar line to the market – and whether or not the streetcar should run through, around or under the market.

Top photo – Evening concert, City Market, KC, June 2011 (shot from
Bottom photo – Evening concert, City Market, KC, Summer 1944

August 2, 2011