DC’s Maine Ave Fish Market

If you like to shop tidally, the Main Avenue Fish Market is for you – barges gently bob in the water, while customers buy from the pier. Located in southwest DC at the Municipal Fish Pier, Maine Avenue is the oldest fish market (1805) in the United States, older even than NYC’s Fulton Fish Market (1822) that moved to the Bronx in 2005.
Maine Avenue has catch from all seven seas, cooked and fresh fish, a scaling hut to clean your purchases, some produce and great people watching. This is a real bastion of working DC that has survived to face another click of the evolutionary clock. The market and environs are slated for redevelopment. This is a great opportunity for DC to let this pearl of a market shine on for the ages.

Old Photo on top: 1916 shot of earlier Maine Avenue Fish market, torn down in the 1960’s for ‘urban renewal’.

January 9, 2011