Grumblethorpe’s Market Garden

Here is a great little neighborhood market garden stand set up in front of a historic house in Germantown (Philadelphia) – selling food grown out back and supplemented with Lancaster County goodies. Its not a market exactly since their is only one seller – although, it could become a market over time if it continues to grow – and from my experience last Saturday – it looks to have a very happy clientele which bodes well for the future possibilities.
I love houses with names and this one – ‘Grumblethorpe’ – is certainly one of the best sounding. Built in 1744 as a summer retreat, the 2 acre gardens behind the house are being restored and include a market garden. On Saturdays, a tent is set up on the sidewalk to shade buyers of fruit, vegetables, honey, eggs and this past week – ice cream. They were selling hand-cranked vanilla ice cream made with Lancaster County cream and a peach sorbet made with their own fruit. For a dollar a cup, it was a bargain and very popular with customers. All proceeds from the garden stand benefit neighborhood elementary school students.
Germantown is racially mixed neighborhood with immense history and charm. This is where the abolitionists had seminal strongholds, the summer White House was set up by George Washington in the late 18C, a renowned wool industry was run by streampower and on and on. Its nice to see these glimmers of reactivization.

August 14, 2011