Life, Liverwurst and the Pursuit of Happiness

“Can distinctive restaurants, food-related businesses and urban farms nourish the rebirth of Cleveland’s neighborhoods?” The question was asked by Joe Frolik, editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to set the stage for a live public television show, part of the many activities that attendees of Project for Public Space’s 8th International Public Market were able to attend. I was the ‘Idea Leader’ on the show and gave a talk about the central role that markets played in our past and are playing in our present. Here is a link to watch it:

The West Side Market, Cleveland’s de facto central market of today, is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2012. It is a great market and gathering place – verging on even better times as the district around it revices and further fueled by a resurgent local food community. With all of the meat options in the market, it is truly a place extraordinaire, replete with life, liverwurst and the pursuit of happiness.

TOP: Yours truly celebrating the 100th year of the stupendous and gorgeous West Side Market – a place full of life, liverwurst and the pursuit of happiness.
MIDDLE: Randell McShepard inspiring a group from the market conference at his Rid-All Green Partnership Farm in Cleveland’s Forgotten Triangle
BOTTOM: Leslie Schaller – wizardess from ACENET in Athens, OH looking at one of my historic postcards of the interior of just-opened West Side Market in 1912.