Improving Public Markets in Jamaica

I received an email today from Ravi Sitol in Jamaica – he is a graduate student at the University of Technology writing his dissertation about markets in Jamaica.
these are his words:
My dissertation topic is investigating how the design of the ‘formal market’ doesn’t satisfy the needs of the user. The paper will focus on one specific market : The Coronation Market, the country’s largest produce market. I’m using your power of 10 criteria of successful markets to test this market and to develop criteria, for Jamaica and its marketing culture.

Markets in Jamaica generally need, some work, because in most towns, there are the street vendors and the market is usually empty, my take is that there must be a reason for the nature of this activitiy, which by the dates back to slavery in Jamaica.

Thanks Ravi -and we wish you much success and will be anxious to see how your results can improve the markets in Jamaica.

Upper – Interior of Coronation Market, Kingston, Jamaica
Lower – Local food is making a comeback at the Coronation Market – site of the opening ‘Eat Jamaica’ campaign last month.

April 4,2011