Rethinking Baltimore’s Northeast Market

The Northeast Market is the newest of Baltimore’s old markets. It has been around since the late 1800’s and was originally an open-air market, now housed in two 19thC sheds.
The market has gone through several ‘updates’ over the years which essentially cloaked the old sheds with a new skin to look more modern, like a suburban supermarket.

The outside of the market is very closed off to the neighborhood – physically – although it is still very busy serving neighbors and local professionals from Johns Hopkins Medical campus that employs over 20,000, and serves as a combination fresh food market and lunch spot.

There is still a smattering a good healthy, fresh foods in the market – the largest grower of greens in the state of Maryland has a stall – but it is largely a disappointing mix of prepared foods with a lot of fried stuff, sodas and the usual American junkfood.

Working on a team with Project for Public Spaces, the local community development corporation, artists and residents – we are going to make the market more of healthy food hub – think farmers, vegetables and fruits – while giving the market a freshening-up that would to make it more open and welcoming.

March 14, 2011

Upper Photo, 1955 – the front of the market – you can see the two old sheds underneath the modern facade

Lower Photo, 1955 – the rear of the market as it was bricked up and modernzed