The Stamp Market of Paris

The Stamp Market of Paris started informally in the Palais Royal not long after postage stamps came into use in 1849, but was given the boot when it started to attract ‘unsavory’ types.
Ah yes – a familiar problem for markets – losing your location!
The popular market had a loyal following and fortunately, a well-to-do stamp collector stepped in and donated property to the city that is to be used in perpetuity as a stamp market. This permanent site is Carre Marigny in the 8th arrondisement.
There are a number of US markets whose land was also donated by patrons to be used exclusively for the activity of a market, i.e. Charleston, SC and Richmond, VA. In both of these cities, an enforceable provision stipulates if the market ceases to operate, the property reverts to the donor families.
The stamp market (marches aux timbres) is still going strong in the Carre Marigny and sets up in the open-air on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am until dusk.