Flint Farmers Market, Flint, Michigan

Strategic Planning, Market Expansion, Business Plan, Merchandising

The Market

The Flint Farmers Market is an iconic place that has enormous potential to help stimulate the local economy. The market has an indoor market hall with permanent food stalls and a covered shed for farmers and other specialty markets. It sits on the edge of downtown adjacent to the Flint River.

The Job

Working closely with new, not-for-profit management put in place by the City, we put together a five year plan to: double sales, become operationally self-sustaining, attract more customers, invest in ‘green’ improvements and reach out to bring in more regional farmers.

New ideas for capital improvements, layout, merchandising, outreach, community connections and budgeting were prepared with a realistic implementation schedule that was flexibly planned to take advantage of new opportunities as they arose. This plan is currently being implemented by dedicated and visionary new management. New partners are being brought in to improve community health at the much beloved and well patronized market and to coordinate with downtown and riverfront revitalization. (In collaboration with PPS)