Meadville Market House (1870), Meadville, PA

Strategic Planning, Merchandising, Capital Improvements, Business Plan

The Market

The Meadville Market House has a classic American market hall on the first floor with a wraparound outdoor portico where farmers sell from the back of their trucks. A second floor community space is home to an art gallery and a small theater. The market is ‘the place’ where everybody meets and its revival is a symbol of the towns bright future.

The Job

New management wanted to revive the market’s tradition as a centerpiece of the local food system and economy while catalyzing improvements in downtown Meadville.

The study and action plan emphasized a shift from non-food products to more locally raised foods at the indoor stalls and to build the presence of farmers selling direct to customers at the outdoor stalls. Recommendations for capital improvements included cold storage, an elevator, and reworking the interior layout to maximize displays, improve sightlines and circulation. A budget analysis showed ways to increase revenue for more outreach, promotion and long term sustainability. Partnership opportunities were identified to bring more customers and help with fundraising.