Market Character: Snake Charmers and Wonder Welders

Markets have always attracted eccentrics and characters who provide a degree of amuseument and wonder for shoppers. I have seen illegal cockfights right in the middle of the aisle of the Chatuchat Weekend Market in Bangkok, Saturday morning buskers destined for Broadway – but I never did get to see a snake charmer. That would surely draw a crowd in any market. And “free” demonstrations by the Wonder Welder at a market in London are only brought to life because of the showmanship of the actual vendor. Some are welcome, some are not – but its always interesting to see these sorts of things and how markets are natural places for these characters to set up a show.

TOP – Snake charming at a market in Peshawar, Pakistan
MIDDLE – Wonder Welder stall in London, UK
BOTTOM – Wonder Welder, London UK