Reopening the French Market Sheds in New Orleans

For too many years, the French Market has lost much of its market feel because the sheds closest to Jacskon Square have been enclosed and turned into shops with individual entrances. What a shame for this historic market masterpiece- to hide its best qualities behind ersatz storefronts, walls and back doors. Lost is the convivial circulation, the camaraderie the flow of the market – all eradicated. So it was with great pleasure that I met Frank Pizzolato at the International Public Market Conference in Cleveland last month. Frank is the new Executive Director of the Corporation that runs the market and he too said it was high time to re-open the market sheds. Done properly, the sheds would be rediscovered and the market of old would be reawakened for a new century. I appeal to all who love that market to say – Frank – tear down those walls!
These photos show the grand central aisle coursing through the old market, shed after shed.