Winter Markets Warm Up

Setting up out of doors in the winter months can be an energizing and profitable way to stretch the season and stay active. A warm and inviting atmosphere created by a market can be so charming that people actually forget about the cold and instead think – gee, this is a fun way to shop.
Many European markets, especially the holiday markets have wonderful atmospheres, hot drinks and simple lighting to transform the market into something that just feels good. There are days when it will be too cold or inhospitable to set up outdoors, but there are many perfectly nice days also.

More and more American farmers markets are stretching their season (even in Maine, Mass. and Rhode Island!) and selling year round. NYC’s Greenmarket has been at it for a while and the hardy band of vendors at Haymarket in Boston who set up outside 52 weeks a year have been doing it as long as anyone.

I was reading an old market gardening book about growing and storage techniques that make it possible to sell a wide variety of locally raised fruits and vegetables through the colder months – the knowledge is all there, its just a matter of will.

January 2, 2011

Upper Photo: Painting by T J Mousson

Lower Photo: Prague, Czech Republic